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About Lisa

Surviving an abusive past takes a lifetime commitment, learning, growing and healing every day. To heal is journey, not a destination. Read more on how I tackle my abusive past, and help others do the same. #abusesurvivor #healing #nlp #nlpcoach #nlpcoaching
Survivor of 10 years of abuse, now a Warrior!

As Seen…

Hello, I am Lisa Cybaniak, Certified NLP & Belief Clearing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, High Priestess, Ecelectic Witch, Womb Shaman, Author, and survivor of 10-years of child abuse. My mission is to empower women to truly love and accept themselves, build a life they deserve, and become the magical beings they were born to be.

I am dedicated to fulfilling my life purpose by teaching others how to unleash the Goddess within them, coming into their own as a healer (of themselves, others, and Mother Earth). 

This means I help you in getting in touch with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within, finding your own spiritual path.

My personal practice blends Norse paganism (as a dedicand of Odin), Goddess work (as a High Priestess), witchcraft, Reiki (as a Reiki Master Teacher in 4 expressions) shamanic journeying (as a Reiki Drumming Practitioner), womb healing (as a Womb Shaman), and NLP (as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner).

So, how did I get to this place in my life?

My Story

I grew up in an abusive home where I was physically, psychologically, and sexually abused for 10 years. During this time, I was told every day that I was ugly, stupid, useless, worthless and unlovable.

Believing is seeing

I believed those abusive words, not just because I heard them for so long, but because that was what I saw unfolding all around me. Every situation in my life seemed to be shouting ‘He’s right!’ I saw everything in this way because that’s what I needed to see.

Opening my eyes

In my early twenties, I finally began to see the pattern in the mistakes I was apparently determined to repeat, over and over again. For example, I kept choosing men who were not ready, willing or able to love and commit to me.

For a long time I blamed myself, thinking I was attracting them to me because I deserved that treatment. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks – I didn’t believe I deserved better, so I wasn’t allowing myself any better. This is where I first began to learn about energy and manifestation. Unfortunately, I was attracting from a place of fear.

Driven by fear: The consequence of an abusive past

I realised that my amazing way of protecting myself from getting hurt, whether it be in relationships or in the workforce, was actually holding me back. It turns out I was preventing myself from experiencing love and success because I was so afraid of failure. I couldn’t risk “it” on the whim that it might not happen.

I had an ah-hah moment then, when I realised that the very act of shielding myself from failure WAS failure – to believe in myself, not just my abilities and worth, but in my ability to handle rejection or loss.

Luckily, I realised something along the way… My abuser was not abusing ME, he was abusing. That revelation changed everything. I also realised I could change my own energy and have a positive impact on my entire life.

My Success!

Changing these patterns, and my mindset was a challenge, but I did it! I taught myself just how useful, worthy, and lovable I really am. In the process, I fell in love with myself – with my strength and the beauty that lay within. Being positive became my new comfort zone.

Healing is a journey, not a destination

I continue to heal from my experiences, and my reactions to them, every day because that is what recovery really is. It is realising that I am the person I am today not despite what happened to me, but because of it.

Surrendering, and taking, control

I had no control over what happened in my past, but I do have control over how I let it influence my life now. Now I have built a life of value and worth because I know mine, and I know I deserve it. I have a family I adore, a home I cherish, and a career I am in love with.

My life is centered around empowering survivors of abuse to find their personal purpose, to build the life they deserve.

This transformation is possible for you too!

Something for everyone

Not everyone will take the same path in their healing journey, but they will have very similar obstacles to overcome. I’ve designed several programs, or streams, of healing to meet you wherever you are on your path. When you are ready, I am here.

I’ve also stepped past my fear and have designed clothing that speaks to the spiritual healing journey that has brought so much love and acceptance to my life…. and humour! I’d love for you to check them out too, and if they resonate, wear them with pride.


'Great direction and guidance. Very helpful at helping me to look at the things that are holding me back and the steps I can take to move forward positively'.

Stephanie    August 21, 2016   Canada   

'It was helpful to breakdown the identities we have about ourselves, how they are serving/not serving us and thinking about overcoming the negative identities we have. I found it really helpful to think about what we deserve in life and what we are grateful for and to look for opportunities'.

Lara    August 21, 2016   Canada   

Lisa is amazing! Just working on week 9 of 12 in the Survivor to Warrior program. I have gone to trauma cognitive therapy in the past, which was good, but just touched the tip of the iceberg in changing your thoughts. Was hoping to find something like that again when I found Lisa. What a miracle! Lisa goes into such depth with helping bring to light everything you've been through, and how it affected your actions and negative thought patterns. And you work on changing those patterns for the better. Right now we are into manifesting the dream life you want. I have definitely noticed some major automatic actions and thoughts I have struggled with for most of my life are not present anymore, and I catch myself before I react in a negative way to things, which is becoming easier for the positive to be the natural reaction. Just a big fat WOW YES from me! Definitely recommend!

Kindra    October 22, 2018   Canada   

'It will help me reflect on my day, what I can do to change and grow, and get what I really deserve out of life'.

Stacey    August 21, 2016   Canada   

'Asking myself questions that I wouldn't have otherwise. Challenge myself to create a 'deserve' list'.

Jennifer    August 21, 2016   Canada   

'The process of journalling and reflecting was excellent'.

Marci    August 21, 2016   Canada   

'You were able to get me to think about how I am the only one who can change my life, and my thinking (mind-set)'.

Amanda    August 21, 2016   Canada   

'Learning to find opportunity in negative events. Identifying what I'm grateful for in life'.

Alex    August 21, 2016   Canada   

'Helped me come up with ways to be positive'.

Kindra    August 21, 2016   Canada   

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