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For Free

Welcome to Life, like you mean it!

I believe that it is important to give back to my community. As such, I have invested a lot of energy and love into bringing you a wide range of services that are absolutely free!

Odin’s Day of Healing

I am a Pagan Priestess of the Goddess, in all her forms, and Dedicant to Odin, the Norse Allfather. Among other things, Odin is the God of Healing. Since I am a Reiki Master, it is natural for me to be in service to you in Odin’s name. Every Wednesday morning (UK time), I will hold a ritual that will include lighting a candle for those requesting healing, sharing your information with Odin, and placing your request under my Reiki Healing Grid along with any corresponding Runes that will aid in your healing. I will then charge the grid, sending you Reiki Distance Healing every day for the remainder of the week. This Facebook group allows you the opportunity to send me your request (I ask you do this by the end of the day on a Tuesday). Join here!

The Life You Deserve!

This private Facebook group is designed to provide you with the privacy and support you deserve as you navigate your way on your healing path. There are many resources within the group, not to mention the like-minded people for you to meet! I am also Live within the group on a regular basis to pose questions, answer your questions, and share my knowledge on helpful processes and a-ha moments. Join this group here.

Let’s Awaken

This beautiful Facebook group is dedicated to our spiritual growth, encouraging the deeper discussions of the meaning of it all. It is also a safe space to practice divination of all kinds. I go Live in the group regularly to do an oracle card pull for the collective as my way of both practicing my divination skills, and to give back. You are very welcome to join us! Join here.

YouTube Channel

Not only do I have a great meditation playlist (if I do say so myself!) over on YouTube, but I also have dozens and dozens of videos covering various topics from imposter syndrome to relationship breakdowns. It’s a fantastic resource for you! You can check it out here.